Pam Mazzuca
Athletic Therapist, Personal Trainer, Fitness Writer, Fitness Model
About Pam

I received an Honours Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and a certificate in Athletic Therapy from York University in Toronto.  While at York, I became certified with Can-Fit-Pro as a Personal Training Specialist (P.T.S.) and with the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiologists as a Certified Fitness Consultant (C.F.C.).  Upon graduating from York, I then became certified with the National Athletic Trainer's Association as an Athletic Trainer (ATC) and with the Canadian Athletic Therapist's Association as a certified Athletic Therapist (CAT(c)).

With a lifelong passion for fitness and health I divided my time between athletic therapy and personal training when I entered the work force.  But it wasn't long before I realized how much my two professions were intertwined and soon the division between them began to disappear.  I began to specialize in preventative training with my clients, in which we focussed on correcting muscular imbalances, improving posture, core strength and rehabilitating injuries.  I also began noticing how different training a woman compared to a man is on many levels.  As women we have a lot on our plates, and we tend to put everyone else's needs before our own - making training and achieving results harder!  So as a trainer I needed to be able to empathize and be more creative.  I needed to discover how to give women the best possible workout in less time and with less equipment because honestly how many women have time to drive to the gym, workout, drive home from the gym and still find time to work, feed the dog, do the groceries, pick up the dry cleaning, make dinner, clean the house AND tuck everyone into bed - there just aren't enough hours in the day!

With a desire to want to help as many women with their fitness goals as possible I turned to my other passion, writing.  Over the last five years I have written fitness articles for a number of publications, most notably Oxygen and Canadian Living magazines.  I was also the Fitness editor for Oxygen for 18 months before my husband and I welcomed our first daughter into the world in March 2009.  Now, as a full time mom of two amazing little girls and part time everything else I understand even more the struggles women face when trying to reach their fitness and health goals.

Pam Mazzuca

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